Essential Equipment and Products that people should be purchase to fight COVID-19

As the corona virus 2019 (COVID­-19) pandemic speeds up, the need to be secured and safe has become the topmost priority. The global health care system demands every individual to stay at home and maintain social distancing so that the effects of COVID-19 are limited to certain extent.

To fight this pandemic, an individual must follow all the rules and regulations and be prepared with personal protective equipment (PPE) which includes gloves, face masks for everyone and goggles, gowns, face shields, respirators, and air-purifying respirators for doctors. Therefore, people should buy PPE online to mitigate the outbreak of the pandemic.

Due to the implementation of global lockdown, mass production of various products and services has stopped marginally and a critical shortage of all the essential equipment is experienced. It is suggested to not hoard things but instead buy according to your needs only.  Whether it is about buying hand sanitizer online or stocking up your groceries, the list of all the required items is given below. 

Before going through the essential equipment’s and products list, here are the general guidelines which every individual must follow:

  • Always stay at home unless you have to go out and buy essential goods like groceries or visit a doctor.
  • If you are an essential worker, wear a cloth mask throughout and maintain social distancing. Do not let 10 or more people gather.
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds. Hand sanitizer with an alcohol rate of 70% should be used.
  • Clean and disinfect your home thoroughly.

Below mentioned are some of the things that a person should purchase to fight COVID-!9

  1. A Cloth Face Mask

As per the current guidelines published by the global health department, wearing a mask in public is mandatory. A cloth mask specifically for everyone and due to shortage of production and material, n95 masks are specifically for front line workers and medical staff only. The reason being that they are highly susceptible to come across the virus affected people.

A cloth based face mask can be bought from any pharmacy. The n95 mask price is Rs. 499 and if you are working as a volunteer or a front-line worker who wants to purchase it, then you can do so easily by purchasing it online.

  • Hand Sanitizer/Spray

Hand sanitizers should be kept handy. Whenever you are going out to buy essential goods like groceries, you must keep a sanitizer with you. Whenever you touch any surface, make sure you sanitize your hand thoroughly, wearing gloves is recommended but if not then sanitize your hand frequently.

Also, when you buy groceries or anything from outside, after sanitizing your hand, make sure you wash the bought items too.

Also, a sanitizing spray for your car and your house can be useful. Remember to buy a sanitizer with 70% of alcohol rate, sanitizers below that rate are not useful to completely get rid of the particles on your hand. Do not hoard sanitizers, just buy the required amount. Since we are all quarantined, buy hand sanitizer online at reasonable prices. 

  • First Aid Kit

First aid kits arenecessary and useful during such times. A first aid kit with all the basic requirements like adhesive tape, triangular bandages, eye shield or pad, elastic wrap bandages, cotton balls or swabs, rubber tourniquet, non-stick sterile bandages and for medications like aloe vera gel, laxatives, anti-diarrhea medications, calamine lotions, antacids, cough and cold medications, basic antibiotics and pain relief tablets, etc.

For a minor injury and conditions, first aid kids can be useful which will prevent you from leaving the house to go see a doctor or buy anything.

  • Water Purifier

You do not have to go and panic-buy loads of bottled water. Yes, you need at least 2-3 weeks of water for an emergency, but hoarding bottles is of no use, it is just a bunch of useless plastic. Get a water purifier because what could happen to your water supply? This seems like the easiest method to drink safe and healthy water.

This will save your money from hoarding so many bottles at once and give you the bottled water quality of water at no cost. You can buy good quality water purifier online and get it delivered.

  • At least 3 weeks of food

Grocery stored will be open next week too and you can buy more food so do not over-stock food. It is an essential good which means everyone will need it so be considerate and get enough food to last you at least 3 weeks. Get fresh fruits and veggies stocked because they are more likely to run out soon.

Canned food can be a great idea. Milk is good but does not forget to check their expiry dates. Also, frozen vegetables and meat are fine too.

  • Baby supplies and basic medications

If you have a newborn baby or a young child in your house then having all the right supplies like diapers, napkins, wet wipes, medications is very important. So, stock up enough so you don’t have to leave your house often and you can take good care of the baby.

Along with this, basic medications for yourself are also important such as antibiotics, basic pain relief medicines, and sprays, certain lotions, or medications for any kind of allergy you have. Skincare products can also be a great idea if you are going through any kind of condition.

This way, you can be all ready and equipped to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and be prepared to have a peaceful quarantine. Do not leave your homes unless it is very important. Being stocked with the items mentioned above can help you get by. Staying home can get a little difficult so make sure you are involved in some kind of activity to keep yourself occupied and distracted.

Lastly, take care of your family and if possible, anyone who needs help. These are tough times and being there for one another is very important.