About us

Our Mission

Medical equipment and devices are crucial barriers against any form of contaminants or particles related to any disease. Initially the technology and material weren’t apt enough to ward off most particles. But with the modern developments and innovation, the personal protective equipment is becoming stronger and capable day by day.

Who are we?

We at CBR Health Care for the well-being and health of an individual and hence provide the best of personal protective equipment.  

We specialize in masks, personal protective kits, and hand sanitizers with no compromise on the quality with any of them. We manufacture these products with proper materials and tools as well as supply the equipment straight to your doorstep. Our website lets you effectively buy face mask online or buy PPE online with little to no effort.

What do we do?

We cater to the needs of many industries like medical, industrial, pharmaceutical, etc. with our products and services so that you remain protected at all times. Besides industries, we also cater to the general public with the essential safety equipment. We manufacturer and supply products like:

  • Hand sanitizers

    The best product to have clean hands on the go, whenever, wherever. We don’t sell low-grade sanitizers but hand sanitizers with alcohol that is approved by the FDA. We provide any amount of quantity too.

  • PPE kits

    This kit has all the required things to keep you well protected from external particles that could lead to infections or even death. It includes gloves, eyeglasses, masks, gowns, respirators, and aprons.

  • Masks

    Top quality fabrics and materials are used to make sure your nose and mouth are concealed from foreign particles. We also supply n95 masks that filter out around 95% of the particles present.

  • Why Choose Us

    When the whole world has to face a towering threat of a virus, having to worry about personal protection will be adding another level of stress. We at CBR Health Care offer top-quality safety equipment so that you are well sheltered and protected from the ill-effects of COVID19. Even if you checking the n95 mask price or looking for bulk purchases, our team of specialists we provide you will the best services in the field. People have always trusted us and we also deliver in kind.

    • We at CBR Health Care, take careful and important steps before making anything public to the people. All our products are tested thoroughly and approved by the India Central Drugs Standard Control Organization. With equipment that literally could be the difference between life and death, we don’t play around with our procedures.
    • In times of crisis, we understand people will be under a lot of burdens physically and financially. We keep this in mind and make sure to incorporate budget-friendly prices on our products because protection against the unknown shouldn’t be restricted by money.
    • Support is what keeps us connected with our audience and vice-versa. We have a friendly team of staff who are ready to help you with any matter.
    • It’s just not the purchasing part but we also make sure that if not satisfied the returning procedure is also seamless. You have the option to return any product if it was damaged or malfunction upon arrival.
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